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How can I deduce by using my color experience that color is not a basic entity in matter?

Is it by changing the basic ground illumination, and so the colors things will change and so these colors are not a pioneer entity in the colored object?

Is it by putting two colors above each other to produce a third one not the two of them?


How can I deduce by time & place experience that they are not the basic entity in orientables?

Is it by relativity? Does relativity persuades it?

By changing basic motion time & space dilates and contracts.

Is this a similar case of colors?

If time/space is a perception, then yes it is.

Is time/space is the feeling of the sensation.

When I changed illumination I changed the reflected waves from the colored object and didn't change the object or its properties.

When I changed motion I changed the perception of time/space not the (object that time/space) is its perceptible aspect.

Colors are not the real.

Will time/space be so?

If yes, then reason(the son of time & space) is not real too.

If yes, then this may be the first prove for the existence of RELIGION & META-PHYSICS.

Colors are not faking.. but simply not the real

Will time/space(and reason as a consequence) be not faking but not real.

And so the logic above does not collapse by assuming that logic is not real because logic is not faking one.

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