Future and memories

We look at the future as anticipated memories

Daniel Kahneman Ted Talks

عقلك الذي لا تملكه

الناس تعرف عن عقلك الباطن أكثر منك بدليل اتهامهم لك بما تنكر


Aphasia consists of a breakdown
in the two-way translation process that establishes a correspondence between
thoughts and language.

Patients with aphasia are not able to translate, with reasonable
fidelity, the nonverbal images which constitute thought into the symbols
and grammatical relationships which constitute language. In most instances of
aphasia, the inverse process is also defective, so once a word or sentence is heard
the patient cannot construct the nonverbal images which correspond to the meaning
behind the language.

Aphasia not only disrupts communication but anyability whose final performance depends on the use of internal speech.

creativity, and the ability to perform calculations are often compromised
because of a primary language defect, although, in and of themselves, these abilities
are in good part independent of language.

Broca's Area... We have suggested that this system is concerned with the relational
aspects of language, which include the grammatical structure of sentences
and the proper use of grammatical morphemes and verbs.


Hypoglycemia Deviates behavior and thoughts to a more "Energy Conservative" thoughts and behavior.

No Evidence, Only self observations

الصوفية أحد مظاهر بعض الدوائر العصبية

د. يوسف زيدان يكتب: الرؤية الصوفية للعالم (١-٧) القولُ الأولُ: فى عموميةِ النـزعةِ التصوفية

يصف صاحب المقال الصوفية على أنها شيء عام يشترك فيه الكثير من الديانات والثقافات
أعتقد أن هذا له بعض ادلالة على وحدة النظام الكامن وراء تخريج مثل هذه النزعات والرؤى
والتصوف بالذات أعتقد والله أعلم له علاقة وطيدة بالفص الأيمن من المخ على النقيض من السلفية التى أعتقد بأنها بالفص الأيسر

Vector math perspective

A Vector math perspective:
Mind is a Magnitude,and not a direction
because if so it is a worshiped god then.

first behavioral step

"Selective attention is the first step in behavioral processing"

Thoughts is a virtual instinct
dictates its needs and motivates behavior

Locus Coeruleus