Hippocampus..a further place in processing

"unlike other senses, space is not analyzed by a specialized sensory organ"

"Unlike vision, touch or smell, which are pre-wired and based on Kantian a priori knowledge, the spatial maps presents us with a new type of presentation, one based on a combination of a priori knowledge and learning. The general capability for forming spatal maps is built into mind but the particular map is not. Unlike neurons in a sensory system , place cells are not switched on by sensory stimulation. Their collective activity represents the location where the animal thinks he is"

Eric R. Kandel from " In Search Of Memory"

Creativity..an ordinary routine in the nervous system

Cambridge definition of "Creative" is "producing or using original and unusual ideas",but actually while the definition denotes that creation is an unusual act the nervous system propably tells something little different.With a closer look to the way the nervous system formulate a behavioral output one can realy become persuaded that maybe every single behavior whatever it is may includes a considerable part of creation within it, actually with a broader philosophical view one can consider that behavior is equal to creativity.
Back with the story to its beginning. The single major difference between animals generaly and plants is the ability of the animal to respond to external stimulus by inducing a change(a behavior) in the environment of a benefit to it.This is the mere function of the nervous system "to make a change for the sake of a better outcome".
Man is for sure included in this generic view, and actually the human nervous system has specialized broadening the domain of the available changes. In a place just behind the forehead some part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, this part of the brain is responsible for preparing for the behavioral output of man.This part of the brain do its amazing job in a way that ensures that every single previous experience is abstracted from its context and reformulated in a new context suitable to be produced by the behaving person.
This very amazing process occurs while the artist draws his portrait, during a brain storming session held by some quantum physicists and during a novel writer imagination of some new novel, but in fact..this also occurs while one walks along the street, while a mother prepares dinner for her children and even when a boy kicks a small rusty cola can in the street.
Actually with some few scientifc exceptions it can be said that "Creation is the default status of human behavioral output"..we may become astonished by the creativity in thinking about the relativity theory or that of the Sydne's opera house, this great creation really influenced our daily living, but also even if theoreticaly and not consciously the little boy kicking the empty cola may have some creation in this simple behavior. 
The nervous system does such magic "creation" according to its estimation to the facing problem and according to the "trainable" ability to abstract from the previous experience and reformulate it in a unique new way that can be termed creative by Cambrdige or any other dictionary. The more influencing the idea is and the more of a benefit to the person who originally thought about it the more it is termed creative..people who think in more beneficial or novel issues usually develops ideas termed creative by other people.Maybe the best creative output Einstein's brain made was not the relativity theory and it may be some motion that prevented him from a very dangerous fall or a rapid car in the street, but such creative thought was not of a benefit except for him in contrast to the relativity theory we all benefited from.
Every single person with a normal functioning nervous system is cabable of producing unique thoughts, ideas and acts but this depends upon what things he considers his facing problems and how he is acustomed to deal with it in the light of previous experience, his thoughts will be unique because of his unique preious experience and it is of some benefit determined by its novelty and value to the people in his culture.

Representation Vs determination

لا ترجح شيئا طالما لا يوجد ضرورة للإختيار..نصيحة من الفص الأيمن للمخ

Do not have a choice where it is not required to choose..live the representational amazement..where everything is possible.