Real/sensation Uncoupling

Real/Sensation Uncoupling:
Real is not a changeable thing, it is presented in different conditions invariably the same.
Sensation does not follow the previous rule, sensation changes with the changes in the medium of perception.
Sensation has the previous property because it abstracts something from the facts that exist in the real item to make it the link between the organism and the real.
The fact abstracted may not be solely related to the real item, and so it may happens that some conflicting arises as a result of mixing between the fact that comes from the real item & other facts from other items.
The example of this is the color perception & color production of a certain colored thing.
Color perception of something changes with the illumination (the medium of perception), while the fact that certain substance absorbs an electromagnetic wave with a certain wavelength & reflects the other waves is a constant non changing aspect with change in the medium of perception of color.

Real And Not Real:
What is real and what is sensation?
There is no doubt that basic sensations (vision sensations, hearing etc.) are classified as sensations.
We consider the field that we percept these sensations in is the real which can be called collectively Space & Time (space here does not mean the empty field but means the matter & the filed that matter lies in it as well).
This consideration can be considered true if we suppose that there are only two levels, a sensation level and a real level.
If space & time are not changeable and does not change at different conditions and mediums, we should categorize them as Real.
This could be stated before the advent of Einstien's relativity.
The velocity of a moving thing can affects its space & its time as what Einstien states.
As velocity increases the Time passes more slowly until it stops at the speed of the light, also the mass increases along velocity increase until it becomes infinite at the speed of the light.
At the color perception example, the color of an item was the perception and illumination was the medium that the color perception changes with its change.
By comparing this with time and space, we can consider that (time and space) is the perception and motion velocity is the medium, with a change in the medium (velocity), we get a change in perception (space & time), and the whole picture is a state of sensation.
The only difference between both cases is that at the basic sensation (color) we had a real (space & time), but while considering (space & time) as a form of sensation, we do know a Real to Understand this Sensation upon.

Resetting Points:
According to the previous formulation,
1) There are more than a level of sensation (at least two), the basic one which is what we terms traditionally sensation, and the second one is the (space & time) which is a level higher than the basic sensation.
2) The definitive real and what it beyond space and time can not be detected or identified, but what is really defined is its existence.
3) While considering the basic sensation, the higher sensation (space & time) is considered as its real but thr descreption is relative, and the rules based upon (space and time) are only applied to the level lower than it i.e basic sensation.
4) While considering the higher sensation (time & space), there is not a known real, and as a consequence, (Time and space) is a representation of something higher that is not possible to be known due to the biological limitations.
5) Sensation is not something fake or false ( because it is a certain representation of a fact in the real item) but also not the real in the same time, so they are symbolization of some facts.
6) Because sensation is symbolization of a fact( and so (space and time), The (logic and reason) which is the result of (space and time) rules, is not canceled by considering the (space and time) a sensation, but this localizes it at a certain domain and makes its unversality a false consideration.
7) As a consequence the result of logic here does not cancel itself (it is nonsense to provide logic proof that logic is not true).

IS IT???????????????????????????????

How can I deduce by using my color experience that color is not a basic entity in matter?

Is it by changing the basic ground illumination, and so the colors things will change and so these colors are not a pioneer entity in the colored object?

Is it by putting two colors above each other to produce a third one not the two of them?


How can I deduce by time & place experience that they are not the basic entity in orientables?

Is it by relativity? Does relativity persuades it?

By changing basic motion time & space dilates and contracts.

Is this a similar case of colors?

If time/space is a perception, then yes it is.

Is time/space is the feeling of the sensation.

When I changed illumination I changed the reflected waves from the colored object and didn't change the object or its properties.

When I changed motion I changed the perception of time/space not the (object that time/space) is its perceptible aspect.

Colors are not the real.

Will time/space be so?

If yes, then reason(the son of time & space) is not real too.

If yes, then this may be the first prove for the existence of RELIGION & META-PHYSICS.

Colors are not faking.. but simply not the real

Will time/space(and reason as a consequence) be not faking but not real.

And so the logic above does not collapse by assuming that logic is not real because logic is not faking one.

الشروط العصبية

ملحوظة:هذه المدونة ليست للسرد العلمي للعلوم العصبية ولكنها خواطر علمية لصاحبها وذلك لعدم اللبس أو التضليل

الشروط العصبية التي يفرضها طبيعة الجهاز العصبي كنظام بيولوجي:

1)الشعور بالإحساس:وهو جوهر الوعي

تعريفي للوعي : هو الشعور بالإحساس لا الإحساس نفسه
وهذا التعريف يختلف عما يفكر به معظم المهتمون بالوعي من الناحية العصبية والسيكولوجية أو الفلسفية,
فهم يدرسون الوعي عن طريق كيفية تحويل الطول الموجي لشعاع كهرومغناطيسي إلى لون ما محسوس, وهذا في فلسفتي الخاصة ليس في موضوع الوعي ذاته ولكن في موضوع فلسفة الجهاز العصبي نفسه لا خاصية الوعي بذاتها.
محتوى الأحاسيس كاللون مثلا لا علاقة له أساسية ضرورية بحالة الوعي بل جل ما هو ضروري من جهاز الإبصار هو وجوده وقيامه بوظيفته, بل إن كنا دقيقين فحتى جهاز الإبصار ليس ضروري فالأعمى له وعي والأطرش له وعي, إذن المسألة ليست متعلقة بإحساس بذاته بل بعموم الإحساس..وهو ما أعنيه بتعريف الوعي:الشعور بالإحساس لا الإحساس نفسه ومحتواه.

والشعور بالإحساس عندي يعبر عن نفسه بشيئين كبيرين وهما
1)المكان 2) الزمان
فالشعور بالإحساس هو الشعور بالمكان والزمان وهما يعبران عن شيء واحد لا اصطلاح له في ثقافاتنا ولكن عموما نستطيع أن نعتبر أن المكان هو تحليل أفقي للمعلومات والزمان هو تحليل رأسي.
ويرتكز كل ما يسمى بقواعد العقل والمنطق على هذين المبدأين-أي المكان والزمان-فأي شيء يخالف مبدأ من مبادئ المكان "ككون الكل أصغر من الجزء" أو الزمان "ككون النتيجة قبل السبب" تصنف غير منطقية وغير عقلية.

2)الإنغلاق(التحوصل, الإنحباس) داخل كل من:
1)انواع الإحساس:كالأمواج الكهرومغناطيسية أي الإبصار
2)الحدود الفيزيائية للإحساس: 2-4 أنجستروم للأطوال الموجية الممكن رؤيتها
3)حدود الشعور بالإحساس -أي المكان والزمان

لا يستطيع أي نظام عصبي أن يخرج عن تلك الحدود
عند خارج حدود الأول:لا يستقبل أصلا كالشعور بأي خاصية فيزيائية غير التي نشعر بها كالكهرباء "لا يوجد شعور خاص لها"
عند خارج حدود الثاني: يقال عنه غير مدرك كالأشعة تحت الحمراء فهي خارج الطول الموجي الممكن استقباله
عند خارج حدود الثالث: يقال عنه غير منطقي ويخالف العقل وذلك كالجن والملائكة (مخالفة قاعدة مكانية) وكون النيجة قد تؤثر على السبب كما في فيزياء الكم مثلا(مخالفة قعدة زمانية:الترتيب)

لوكاس سيرولياس