Education is an analog process but unfortunately evaluated by a digital process, this has made the students digitalize their knowledge.

knowledge is a cumulative continous thing but evaluating this knowledge is done through examination which is done by asking similar patterns of questions upon certain(sometimes previously known) information, which allow students to make their knowledge discrete and "robotized" tailored to the required examination with loss of continuity and cumlative essentiality in knowledge, or more appropriate it is transformed into data(discrete) rather than knowledge (continoues). At least here in Egypt the case is.


Turning over

"..., the entirety of the functional
components of your whole CNS have
been broken down and resynthesized over
a 2-month time span. This should scare you.
Your apparent stability as an individual is a
perceptual illusion."
"Development puts everything in its right place, but maintaining that
anatomical structure is an active process,
and the component molecules are turning
over with surprising rapidity."

J.David Sweatt
 "Mechanisms of Memory"

المناقشة معاملات مادية بحتة تجري عليها قوانين البيع والشراء والمقايضة..تماما تماما


"I AM RIGHT" attitude

Being wrong is an unstable psychological state..
avoided by:
1)doing the right (logically this is hard to be fulfilled every single time)
2) subconscious masking of the wrong as a right thing (which is a most frequently used)

this is not a depressing fact...(only theoretically)