Clever people and Faith

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The previous link is about an article linking between increment in cleverness and decrease in faith and beleiving in Allah SWT.

This is how I see this particualr issue.
Wetern components of the human intellect are,1)a mind, which is the logic machine and 2)a heart which is a box of emotions.
both components in modern culture are separate from each other and interactions between both is considered as some sort error from the one who exerts such interaction, an example for such errors is applying emotions in the logic stream.

Actually I see this structure imperfect and sometimes leads to conflicts and examples for such conflicts are abundant and the previous link is considered as one of those.I have no clues for such imperfectness except observation of the humanbeing, that suggestes that both components must interact together at all levels and that the components definitions is not that accurate:

Evidence suggesting the essentiality of the link between the components:
1)If it is only a matter of logic then the following should not happen:
   a)All people must be on one religion or even without religion..because every religion says that it is the true one, then one only must be true or non of them..and by using the logic machine on this dilemma only one answer will be true and then all people will follow it..and this practically never happened.
   b)By the same principle, there should not be laeft and right, communism and capitalism etc. as only one is more right and the other is less right, but what we see is that followers of one side says that the other side is (LOGICALLY wrong and they lack the proper thinking) i.e they do not have a well logic machine.
The central nervous system can be defined as the system that mediates the achievment of internal needs(internal environment) according to the external environment.
The sensation is the external input to the system and the behavior is the output, the behavioral output is shaped to achieve the needs according to the available realtime input (sensation) and previous input (experience and memory).In humanbeings; thinking is a member in the behavioral output system and hence it must be shaped by the needs at all levels, restricting such interaction to the basic levels only is a naive approach to the understanding of behavior and nervous system in general(but this is the case in modern culture).An example for such interaction on a very high level of thinking is the "morals and ethics", walking nude in the street is not logically wrong, treating the old people and young people the same is not logically wrong, and on religious side; nonbelievers are do not accept the religion (logically as they beleive) because they refuse the concept of being slaves(what is called "Keber").
Definiton probelm of the components:
In modern neuroscience the concept of the mind as a separate entity or as an organ does not exist and there is no localization for such concept in the brain, instead it is considered as function that is being maintained by the nervous system. Mind is not an organ, mind is a function. Being a function requires that the concept of mind being withdrawn from its separate isolation from other components i.e cancels the "logic machine" concept, as every single step by this machine must be working in harmony with the other divisions of the nervous system processing.
the interaction of the mind side with the emotional side, together with neurobilogical perspective, the heart and emotions can be seen as a real director to one's behavior, if we consider the human intellect as a mathematical vector, the heart will be the angle(direction) it and the mind will be the amplitude of this vector.

All this requires a reformulation to the intellect componets and structure other than the modern one.The modern structure reflects what do we like to see ourselves and not what we really are, this is a famous frequent mistake in modern history.I really consider the Islamic perspective to this issue "the Qura'anic intellect structure".

To be continued..

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