If we consider bacteriaas a living...& we realy do,
then is it a living in the sporing form...???? http://www.answers.com/sporing&r=67

if yes :
then to which things exactly we refer te term vital or alive to??
to moelcules?
Let us consider the sporing form as a perfect man...who does need food or sex..but he do exists
He do not need even respiration..
but exists,..Is he alive then???

if no :
then how it is re-sent alive again when conditions become suitable???
Is it a must on the vital laws that death walks in forward & only forward direction??
bacteria dies as well..but is that a kind of dying??
which things exactly we refer dying too?
If we corrupt the sporing form composition in a way..it can not be re-sent active again...i.e spore dead..or bacteria dead.

one of three possibilities
1) sporing is a living form
2) bacteria dead & resent alive again
3) bacteria is not a living

cases 1 & 3 lead to re-defining the term alive & its whole philosophy
case 2 death has some options "at least in lower creatures" differ from our current philosopy

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Thinking...is another type of sensation
observables...are pure emotions only
Truth...is belif

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