parallelism & convergence...

did you ask yourself before
why do not i see angels???
where are the devils...???
or where exactly is theology??

to approximate the view...

look at your shoulders if you didn't see angels then you have the following possibilities..
1)they do not exist
2)they exist

We are belivers so we choose the you have the following possibilities..
1)there is a way to localize & determine them...with a certain philosophy, vision or technology aside from that there certain things are reachable or not..

2)there is no way ever ever to localize them...they are of different universe with different universal components we can not be aware of...,i.e we are humans made of atoms we can localize anything made of these atoms but nothing more..they are angels made of X that we can not be aware of.
Note that this is applied on technology tools too

The first possibility is convergence between materials(represented by science) & non materials(represented by religion)"i.e what world terms it theology"

In the secound there is no convergence or points of meeting between the two systems i.e materials "science" & non materials"religion metaphysics" ,& this is what is called parallelism

Only one of these two choices are the right...for sure...but which one???


evolution....every change happens by the affection of evolution specially number of species membershuman being number,...200 years ago..people used to have lots of people 20 oir maybe more...while now...more than 3 too much..where is the nature that affected that cavernous reduction in number of pffspring..?????it was a change in culture & social habits...has no relation to fact to be honest it is related to some choice...a human choice...a mind choose between both it was not the nature that chose that....while in omnkeys it stayed as it is...for that 200 years.....this is a point for human choice based principle aka spirtuality & religion

The uncertainity principle...:einstien said about theat principle "God does not play dice with the world"the principle says that for an electron "for example" if indicated well its wave phase....there is no possibility for predicting its there are more than place the electron can be located at...but the fact that all possibilities collapse in the end at one place which is the one that electron takes...but the problem is that there is no reason for choosing a place other than the others...& thats why einstien's said the above words.& spent most of his last researches in a wrong direction because of not taking in consideration that uncertainity is a true principlethis is a hole in the material stalk...& by some philosophy & little further knowldge it can lead to enterance of any thing to link it to the matter...even spirtuality or metaphysics..

embryos born everyday embryology describes every day of development & it is purely material of nothing extra ordinary or ectopic & this cancels the probability to reach spiruals by science & matte analysis & parallelism cruically describes that.

the headphone infront of me...made of plasticplastic is made of polymers of carbon chaincarbon is made of electrons protons & neutronselectrons etc. fored of quarks & leptonswhat else...:Sso science explores the existables & does not explores & searches existance & science didn't ever asked himself from where that energy came & why it is E= mc^2 & not ^3thas a point for the convergence of both views, as science only analyze the existables & so spirtuals is not in opposing to matterials & parallelism condition collapses.

when we ask from God something & he makes it for us...he made it & He is the one who made it we belive in that...but if the thing was for example "successing in an exam" will include the teacher who marks the paper read answers in a way & i wrote the answer in a way...that logically will lead to success with or without asking...but we belive that God made that this case has two sides...material & spirtual side extremly parallel & will never meet.

many observations exists...i only viewed a sample

PS :

Western civilization decided as early as the start of renaissance 14th century to ignore this dilemma & treated the case as there is nothing in real called theology & announced that if there is a paradise it will be on earth. And since there they went forward to progress in science & arts with no obstacles..

WE until now, didn't determine how we are going to deal this dilemma...
we still in argument about Darwin & Fruid....
we belive in our religion very well & do not want to withdraw
we belive in science too very well...but..sometimes they oppose eachother..& there exactly we are situated.
choices avilable for us :
1)To ignore theology like western "west assumes that middle east ignorance & drawbacks are due to "not letting theology go away"...some very few people here chose that ..we term them usually "eil-maney-yen"

2) to still in our argument & situation.."Darwin ebn kaddabah or ebn kafrah" & forever...there are many of them nowadays :D

3) we go to search & determine which on of "parallism or convergence" is the truth..& proceed forward in science & development dogma but with our religion & believes not like the western civilization.
at least one is on this track...a.k.a "me" this is my aim & vision & i try making steps by God's support isA.

this is a post related to the situation

Locus Cerulius..

existance instinct...???

Human lives because he has no problem with that...

& escapes dying because it is unpleasent initiating fear in him.

If you have a mind...if you have an aim if you have a dream...thats not the reason that makes you desire to live...isn't it???

Human lives because he knows nothing to do except this...& death is just a scary idea just like dinasours, he just escapes this..prgrammed to do so.

"Human alive system" is prgrammed to autoretain itself.

definition :Instinct.., is something inherited by a living that serves primarily to support his existance on individual & species levels.

Hence,to be clearer in terming...not to call it "existance instinct"...but to call it..."Fear instinct" with the asidance of the stimulator to this instinct..

Locus cerulius

Big-bang determinism..

"Thinking and writing these words..,your reading to that...,&everything before & after this event...;is an obligatory results from the Big-bang"

A very very big enormous one chemical equation...that must give all what happens in the universe

Thats the current philiosophy gained from the science...DETERMINISM

Hence it cancels the what we agreed about terming it.."CHOICE"
Everything done & will be just a result from that archaic universal explosion...& can be claculated & estimated..but by a very very very complex calculations that includes all particles in the universe.

Another Hence,
It cancels any human Choice principled system aka religion.

This theory currently has no holes except
-one scientific hole called "uncertainity principle" by Hiesenberg,
-and another philosophical religional point...shortly illustrated below,
"Human senses & as a consequence "awarness" is limited to his own material."
Which means..that human will observe only his level of existance...i.e what we call "matter"
Matter works in accurate laws..non breakable except at miracles by messengers sent by the maker of these laws to prove to human that He is the creator of these laws by the clue that He broke it.

one of the previous two holes & only one will be true..
if the uncertainity...,then matter & spirtuals are in a same room i.e spirtuals are scientific facts of undetermined yet mechanism & it is a mtter of time to know it.
& if the philosophy above..then big bang determinism applies on our awarness level..

ps: something of no direct answer by religional or scientifical the origion...
if big bang "who made the big further step..who made the atom..who made the electrons,neutrons & protons....who made the quarks & leptons"
in religion the prohpet's Hadit "ya'tey al shaytano le ahadekom fayakol man khalaka haza wa man khalaka haza..."

but in common there is an answer...a logical one..& supports the religional side..which follows..:
"who made the atoms....then who made what made the atoms...then who made that who mades what who mades the atoms etc. to INFINITY
infinity has no single when i ask you what is the last number in the numbers????there is no existance for it...
So,there is no existance for such infinity chain..& it must has a finate origin & an end to this..
Religion says the end is Allah..,science has no current answer or even tries for that."
the later proof is concluded by "al 3abd lelah...then found the same conclusion from an old religion scientest"

Locus cerolius

The Choice...

CNS : central nervous system,
works in the living in the same way the microprocessors do.

Input in CNS is the environment "sensation"
output "assumed it is the motor actions of the organism"
processing is what is done to achieve best response to environmental inputs...

Current view is :
sensation "input" & motor functions "output"

Further step in this viewpoint concerning man...
All what concerns man interaction with environment are reflexes..
Even THOUGHTS ,emotions etc. are obligatory output from the environmental input.

Human choice & mind system melts down & smashed against that have no is reflexes you have nothing to handle it..even these words are reflexes..even your reading to these words are reflexes.
Worth mentioning that according to that, any choice based principles will collapse with it...including the major one of those .."religion"
The holy Quraan mentions something strange about the input output system (I/O SYS) of human being..:
"والله أخرجكم من بطون امهاتكم لا تعلمون شيئا وجعل لكم السمع والأبصار و الأفئدة لعلكم تشكرون"
means: And Allah got you out of your mother's abdomen knowing nothing, and made for you the audition, the visions & the hearts in order you may thank Him.
"أفلم يسيروا في الأرض فتكون لهم قلوب قلوب يفقهون بها أو اذان يسمعون بها فإنها لا تعمى الأبصار ولكن تعمى القلوب التي قي الصدور"
means:Didn't they walk on earth & so they gain hearts know by it or ears hear by it, is not vision blindness they have, but blindness in their hearts that inside chests.

The holy Quraan as shown above..adds something called the heart "seems the mind in our talk" to the I/O system.
wether an input or is not clear now for me..but it is not only..
In the 1st verse..God gives us the tools in order to know after the "null contained minds" we used to have when we were born..,
the tools are two of the input system & the heart(mind)