existance instinct...???

Human lives because he has no problem with that...

& escapes dying because it is unpleasent initiating fear in him.

If you have a mind...if you have an aim if you have a dream...thats not the reason that makes you desire to live...isn't it???

Human lives because he knows nothing to do except this...& death is just a scary idea just like dinasours, he just escapes this..prgrammed to do so.

"Human alive system" is prgrammed to autoretain itself.

definition :Instinct.., is something inherited by a living that serves primarily to support his existance on individual & species levels.

Hence,to be clearer in terming...not to call it "existance instinct"...but to call it..."Fear instinct" with the asidance of the stimulator to this instinct..

Locus cerulius


still breathing said...

OMG ma7she i found ur blog i found ur blog!!!!

kan el mafrood tb3atli link wala enta mesh 3ayezni a2ra elli betktbo?

ma7shy said...

Ofcourse not,If I didn't want my blog to be read I wouldn't have published it in the first place,I considered it showing off to forward the link to ppl,I wanted to let things go as they go and see how it turns out.

I made the blogger for brushing & dusting my thoughts...also to retain it for later developing.
As you can see there are only 32 views to the profile..i didn't expect anyone would ever post a comment here.

The blog "The Dogma" was made for publishing it is of islamic philosophies...but too little time avilable because of drowning in the exams you know.

ask for me stability & guidance..