parallelism & convergence...

did you ask yourself before
why do not i see angels???
where are the devils...???
or where exactly is theology??

to approximate the view...

look at your shoulders if you didn't see angels then you have the following possibilities..
1)they do not exist
2)they exist

We are belivers so we choose the you have the following possibilities..
1)there is a way to localize & determine them...with a certain philosophy, vision or technology aside from that there certain things are reachable or not..

2)there is no way ever ever to localize them...they are of different universe with different universal components we can not be aware of...,i.e we are humans made of atoms we can localize anything made of these atoms but nothing more..they are angels made of X that we can not be aware of.
Note that this is applied on technology tools too

The first possibility is convergence between materials(represented by science) & non materials(represented by religion)"i.e what world terms it theology"

In the secound there is no convergence or points of meeting between the two systems i.e materials "science" & non materials"religion metaphysics" ,& this is what is called parallelism

Only one of these two choices are the right...for sure...but which one???


evolution....every change happens by the affection of evolution specially number of species membershuman being number,...200 years ago..people used to have lots of people 20 oir maybe more...while now...more than 3 too much..where is the nature that affected that cavernous reduction in number of pffspring..?????it was a change in culture & social habits...has no relation to fact to be honest it is related to some choice...a human choice...a mind choose between both it was not the nature that chose that....while in omnkeys it stayed as it is...for that 200 years.....this is a point for human choice based principle aka spirtuality & religion

The uncertainity principle...:einstien said about theat principle "God does not play dice with the world"the principle says that for an electron "for example" if indicated well its wave phase....there is no possibility for predicting its there are more than place the electron can be located at...but the fact that all possibilities collapse in the end at one place which is the one that electron takes...but the problem is that there is no reason for choosing a place other than the others...& thats why einstien's said the above words.& spent most of his last researches in a wrong direction because of not taking in consideration that uncertainity is a true principlethis is a hole in the material stalk...& by some philosophy & little further knowldge it can lead to enterance of any thing to link it to the matter...even spirtuality or metaphysics..

embryos born everyday embryology describes every day of development & it is purely material of nothing extra ordinary or ectopic & this cancels the probability to reach spiruals by science & matte analysis & parallelism cruically describes that.

the headphone infront of me...made of plasticplastic is made of polymers of carbon chaincarbon is made of electrons protons & neutronselectrons etc. fored of quarks & leptonswhat else...:Sso science explores the existables & does not explores & searches existance & science didn't ever asked himself from where that energy came & why it is E= mc^2 & not ^3thas a point for the convergence of both views, as science only analyze the existables & so spirtuals is not in opposing to matterials & parallelism condition collapses.

when we ask from God something & he makes it for us...he made it & He is the one who made it we belive in that...but if the thing was for example "successing in an exam" will include the teacher who marks the paper read answers in a way & i wrote the answer in a way...that logically will lead to success with or without asking...but we belive that God made that this case has two sides...material & spirtual side extremly parallel & will never meet.

many observations exists...i only viewed a sample

PS :

Western civilization decided as early as the start of renaissance 14th century to ignore this dilemma & treated the case as there is nothing in real called theology & announced that if there is a paradise it will be on earth. And since there they went forward to progress in science & arts with no obstacles..

WE until now, didn't determine how we are going to deal this dilemma...
we still in argument about Darwin & Fruid....
we belive in our religion very well & do not want to withdraw
we belive in science too very well...but..sometimes they oppose eachother..& there exactly we are situated.
choices avilable for us :
1)To ignore theology like western "west assumes that middle east ignorance & drawbacks are due to "not letting theology go away"...some very few people here chose that ..we term them usually "eil-maney-yen"

2) to still in our argument & situation.."Darwin ebn kaddabah or ebn kafrah" & forever...there are many of them nowadays :D

3) we go to search & determine which on of "parallism or convergence" is the truth..& proceed forward in science & development dogma but with our religion & believes not like the western civilization.
at least one is on this track...a.k.a "me" this is my aim & vision & i try making steps by God's support isA.

this is a post related to the situation

Locus Cerulius..


ayman_elgendy said...

موضوع رائع يا محشي باشا


تحليللك للموضوع كمان روعة....المهم ان اللي لازم يوضح للناس ان التقابل بين الدين والعلم عندنا في الدين الاسلامي شيء ممكن

مثال عندك داروين والنشوء والارتقاء مثلا ليه مؤيدين من الجانب الاسلامي وعلي فكرة منهم القديم ومنهم الجديد

ابن عربي مثلا من ايام الاندلس الفائتة
الشيخ عبد الصبور شاهين وكثيرين اوضحوا انه لا تعارض بين داروين والعلم والدين

الموضوع محتاج توضيح ونشر الوعي في زمن الناس فيه اصبحت فعلا جهلة....

تحياتي صديقي

ma7shy said...

Allah yenawar 3aleeek (Y)

thats the point...

science is not a cause for disbelieving...
in origin i belive in things i say it is not observable...why i reject science when it says i can not observe it....

look at "al-ayat 19 & 20 fe surat al 3ankabot"

كيف يبدئ الله الخلق ثم يعيده إن ذلك على الله يسير"

& 20
"قل سيروا في الأرض فانظروا كيف بدأ الخلق"

I see that those two verses
19 is talking about reproduction & new forming of speciey members..& 20 is talking about the development of the speciey i.e evolution.

ayman_elgendy said...

أيه اخبار امتحاناتك......طمنا عليك


ma7shy said...

allah yekremak we ye7'aleeek ya rab...

thanks so much for asking..rabena yekremak we yes3edak zai ma basateney delwa2ty...:)))

al 7amdolilah...7'allast keda kol exams el pharmacology...lesa memte7en oral today awel marra albes badla :S:S:S maly ana we mal el 7'ayla el kaddaba dee wallahi ma 3aref...

still a month & a half until last exam...

thanks for caring ya za3eem :)))))))))))))))))


ayman_elgendy said...

ربنا معاك