sleeping position & respiration

People say I am a deep sleeper " actually I didn't awake myself before to test that :D",maybe this is because the disturbance in the sleeping hours & bedtime..but lately I have read about some sleeping disturbances & sleep apnea was an important included as a frequent disturbance.

Less oxygenation produces a non-satisfactory sleep & maybe also deep non easily awaken sleeper.
Lots of Homeostatic mechanisms are lost during sleep including an essential ones in respiration, sleep apnea is defined as a non respiratory action during sleep more than "10 seconds".

Since that i tried to sleep with less compression on my chest as much as I can and also free of coverings respiratory openings.
Actually I tried the sleep position the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to do,
-The hands under my cheek preserved my mouth or my nose from being compressed against the pillows,
-Sleeping on my side preserved the compression of my chest if I sleep over my belly,
& I through my left shoulder backwards to insure not to sleep over my chest.

Since this position, I am totally persuaded that I was a wrong sleeper..not a bad sleeper
even when I wake up after little ours of sleep..I wake up alert & not in fatigue contrary to previous sleeps..Try it if you face problems with your sleep like those ones.

Al-Hamdulilah Ala Al-Islam Wa Ne'mateh


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