Sensation/feeling coupling season 3

Attention & perception season..

Phase I:
perception:is the understanding of the input.
understanding is the ability to interact with the input
interaction is motor intellectual action.
Thwe whole brain systems will be involved in a single input perception

1)perception is not confined to certain locus at brain even the sensory cortex with its association areas.
2) perception, consciousness etc. is not materially existing..only virtually..because perception is being ready to interact & this is achieved simply without requirments of a more complex idea involving what is called consciousness
-essential processes of perception are:
maintenance of attention
the selective focusing on a stimulus
elemination of an extraneous stimuli
identification of the stimulus by recognizing its relationship to personal remembered experience
the frontal and perhaps the parietal lobes are responsible for directing its content,
but that the thalamocortical system is in a special way responsible
for its maintenance.

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