One treats the world in a two large equal divisions...... Self...& non-self.
Your eyeballs are the borderline

The "Self" is not in its worthy place comparable to its domination & superiority in human life, maybe because of socialism.
The self as an instinct plays all the game..nearly alone.

Back with the issue to its origination.
Vitality " in my definition" to have instincts.
Man & bacteria have the same two aspects
1)retaining the individual "i.e keeping him alive"
2)retaining the species
The later one (no.2) is conserved in the bisexual organisms in the term "sex"
The former (no.1) is our issue here.
"retaining the individual" will be termed "self" in the rest of the article.

At the bacterial level..
The salts gradient it makes by its cell membrane, the nutrition, the elimination of the waste products are its "self" instincts, while binary its other instinct.

With the increasing experience & complexity of the organism..
most of the vital functions that needs interactions with external environment are collected in a single system called the nervous system.
The essence of the vitality of the organism as a whole is retained by this nervous system.
Most vital functions are medicated by this system,both; the
"Self" instincts:
Eating is the mediated by this system.
escaping a huge frightening object is mediated by this system
respiration, blood flow to the body is mediated by this system
& species retaining instinct:
which is developed to the term "sex" instinct very early by the transformation to bisexuality organisms.

Further more evolution
Human being have so mysterious frontal lobe different from other frontal lobes of animal's brain
This lead to very extensive complexity and variability of the interaction with environment as seen from human civilization.
This is what we call intellect & cognition

What is strange & in some way refused to be accepted is that intellect is still influenced by instincts.
How to capture the events mediated instinctively at intellectual level?
The key answer lies in the rivalry behaviour

Getting money is a "self" instinct
Jealousy is a "self" instinct
hope is a self instinct
feeding yourself, talking about yourself, humiliation refusal all are self instincts

Moreover, Rivalry behaviour towards parents, brothers & sisters exist & they are important factors in developmental psychology.
Studying because people study at school, dressing well, good hand writing, doing what people do, tidy homes, earning money, & most of social behaviours are all self instinct mediated.

many many examples are available.."ASK me explanation for any one listed above"

two important critical issues:
1)when you feel jealousy or in rivalry action toward someone, & this makes you sad because your morals does not permit that..e.g he is your brother or maybe even your father
first do not worry because it is instinctual & normally exists in all of us. the one you feel jealous from him as a self
you got lesser score in your exams than your very friend and you are sad &
jealous from that.
Treat the non-self(your friend) as a self(you),
for example by saying yourself:
"my friend is
MY friend , he must be with good score be cause he is related to & him are

2)Playing on the "self" in human communication & directing the
communicator with you towards achieve your goals by eliciting rivalry action to make this really really a non blockable non resistible weapon.

Locus Coerolues

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