The principle of the brain..

The following is not an explanation for non professionals of how brain or mind works..It is just a thought developing blogging whith my own viewpoints that may or may not be true.


-Nervous system is made for interaction with environment to attain better existence.
-A prone animal which moves forwards the most part in his body came to interaction first is his front..& thats why it is supposed that nervous system centre in the body is in the head.
-Again the whole issue about brains minds is only for attaining better interaction for better existence.

Brain is subdivided according to McLean's classification into three parts.
1)reptilian brain:Part that keeps the organism alive
2)paleo mammalian: "old mammalian" it is called also the limbic system;which is responsible for emotions & learning.
3)neo mammalian:"new mammalian" it is the grey cortex in our brains..It is a huge store for information & it is so complex.It has areas for motor"movement actions", sensory perception,behavior & some other aspects.

Every organism called living on this planet"from the protozoa until us" must achieves two important principles..
1)self retaining
2)self multiplying
-Missing one of these two principles demolishes this organism either singularly if the first is missing or generally if the second is missing.
-We express these two principles as instincts, self retaining instinct maybe subdivided into sub-instincts, & the self multiplier is the sex.


When man interacts with the environment he faces..he is motivated basically achieving these two principles.

The experience he gains from the interaction with the environment runs as follows:

-The neo mammalian brain is linked to the paleo mammalian brain "back to mcLean's classification".
-Sensory input is transmitted from receptors"the eye for example" to the sensory cortex "neo mammalian"
-Sensory cortex is linked to the emotion & learning system "paleo mammalian" to make a certain feeling towards the perceived thing from the environment.
-Memorizing the information about the sensation is done in combination between the emotional system & the memory store.
-The memorized item is linked to its feeling or emotion for further recalling.



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thinking that memorized items is linked to the emotional state is very scientific idea which is linked to new studies in neuropsychatrics..i see that u r interested in this branch too.....u need to read more about new schools in psychatry


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