Sensation/feeling coupling season II

Mclean's 3 brains
reptalian: the operating system
paleomamalian: limbic system
neomamalian: neocortex

-The point that every single sensory input is stored as it is "like what pc do to an image" is so so consuming & requires lots of neurons..
-The coding system in brain seems to be less consuming
-proposal I:
*evry multiple sensations graped together to be a single information called feeling.
*every single feeling is linked to the sensory fields made it.
*Similar sensations may facilitate the feeling..& recalling the feeling
*there is a problem in sensation elicit feeling & feeling facilitate the sensory fields at its cotex..the nerve cell is one way signal transmitter..this requires a circuit for this proposal to be true.
"cortical implications"

-sesory cortex has the ability to retain the input in a certain way
-linking the inputing mode to the limbic system in a way that when this input enters this emotion elicited.
-facilitation of an emotion may feed back to the sensory cortex eliciting it.
-this faces also the problem in the phase above that neurons is a one way connectiong system & this requires a neuronal cuircuit.


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read phases III & IV for some summary

it is not the dogma in is my own developing view points there..but with some academical & observational basis.

isA the last blogging "the brain principle is summerizing the whole issue in an article shape.

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