Sensation\feeling coupling,absence & consequent thoughts "underconstruction"

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-Difference between consciousness & awareness is the difference between sensation & feeling
-Feeling is awareness
-I can not make a born blinded person knows what is the red colour.
-Alien X can not make me make know what is y sensation which enables him to know the state of materials "state is something other than solid liquid or is something like emotions "but not emotions at all it is different" this something he can not make me know its nature as i can not make the blind person knows what is red".

-Feeling is knowing
-Feeling is the lowest level, no sub-level can be reached."neither me or the blind got the point"
-Communication is based upon inter-conductance of the lowest level "states" between communicators.
-No communication can be based upon a type of low level naturally deficient at one of the communicators."neither me or the blind became aware of the feeling"
-Communication tools symbolize the desired low level "state" desired to be communicated.
Communication is feeling without sensation. "roughly: imagination"virtualization,(10-4)dairies" of the sensation"
Mental process is self communication..self lowest grade "state" conductance or induction.
Self communication is communication between the person just before this moment"all previous experience" & a "blank mind" person.

to be continued....
self message:back to 10-4 & attached paper if possible

(10-4) page : long & short loop reflexes "basicly motivated" from reward & punishment system.

proposals II :
-Every single input "simple or complex"combined sensations making a single meaning" is "A Feeling....".
-Feeling is the currency unit in mind.
-Different sensory modalities are not the unit of input they are receptors & displayers for the unit. "old news"
-(1+1 = 2) it is a logical process...
knowing of the symbols "1 ,+ , = & 2" :perception of a symbol with its representational "Feeling" (meaning) in mind.
Logics are : Feeling of agreed about "simple(single) representing" symbols for a certain brain process , whether the process is meaning(1) or a mental process(+).
Non logics are : non perfectly agreed about symbols "change according to non constant affector",whether a meaning or a proces..which may lead to non equal output feeling.
affector mentioned in statment above: is an item in the symbolizing which is not universally equal for same interactors"persons"...roughly terming"emotion to the symbol.

To be continued.....
mama betza3a2 :D:D:D

PHASE II completion :

AFFECTOR :A factor that unstabilize the input symbolization whether from the interactor or from the symbol.
-symbol in non-logic must contain the affector plus or minus a stable part of the symbole.
-Affectors: "roughly concluded until now"
Physical "brain" mistake.
What is collectively called emotion <<<not well settled thoughting..but roughly....

end phase II

To be cont.

PHASE III focusing at one state of feeling whether interactive(external)" which is either single sensory mediated or multiple sensory medaited" or intellectual(internal).
-Interactive feeling "with external environment" is either :
single sensory mediated...."red color"
multiple sensory mediated..."wood piece...shape, color, expected texture ,expected etc. "
-Intellectual feeling "internal environment like inner speech" has no external sensory input..we may assume that it has internal sensory input.
From PHASE generalize more the communication..
communication is the brain inputing system devided into three parts "primitively"
1)External communication :mediated through the different sensory inputs (expressing a feeling resembling the nature of the input) from the external environment inputing the aura.
This is the earliest & first brain communication in human.
2)Internal communication : This is the intellectual feeling originated from brain inputing the aura.
3)External-internal : human communication is the most prominent example.
This type of communication expressing an internal feeling elicited by an external input symbolizing the internal meaning in a way.
(The word not wood in nature but elicit a certain feeling "the wood")
Memory implications:
-Memory is for feelings.
-Seems there are no memory for only sensation.
-Feeling seems linked yo sensation in a way in the conception "memory"
either a tag or just association "Allahu 2a3lam"
-Also..seems there is memory for processes...but in this case it lis linked to feelings not sensation.
-Processes are feeling expected to be a consequent for a certain feeling..we can say there is a facilitation in some feelings in emergence of another related to eachother.
-So seems there is no descrete thing called is an facilitated feeling in response to a feeling

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